A neat way to store your fine teas. It comes hidden behind a nice photo frame that you can fit with snaps of your favorite people.

15 Tea bags

₹ 1,399 /-

Maximum Retail Price (incl. of all taxes)
Maximum Retail Price (incl. of all taxes)


This one’s a keeper. Not just for the excellent teas but also for the clever design. It is indeed a photo frame that encloses your favorite teas. So, whenever you reach for that cup you’ll fondly glance at that perfect moment.

Note : Teas used in the images are for representation only. Actual teas are mentioned in 'In Your Box' section.

Choicest green teas from the Himalayas in top grade loose leaves. In 5 unique and decadent flavors


18cm(L) x 10cm(H) x 11.4cm(W)