Who are we?

Tea plays an important part in our lives as a daily beverage of choice. With growing awareness the appreciation for green tea has increased as a convenient health supplement. Numerous options vie for your attention. Yet, looking at the quality they provide, very few deserve it. They mostly contain dust, which is residual bi-product of mass processing, which means the benefits of
green tea are compromised.

Goodness of Fresh
Whole Leaf Green Teas

Fresh whole leaf teas hold the best flavors, aroma, and richness. They carry more antioxidants and bio compounds that keep you active and increase metabolism. These whole leaves rejuvenate you through and through and also keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Our green teas are made with all-natural ingredients and are all whole leaves.

Explore our interesting flavours that are designed to complement the green teas selects and add more to the experience.

Why OnlyLeaf?

The experience of drinking a real cup of tea is truly great and everybody deserves to have it. OnlyLeaf comes with the aim of bringing the best tea and sharing a cup way above competition in quality and taste. Let’s dust off the substandard and move to tea the way it was intended. Get yourself some real tea!

From the source

Tea the way intended reaching you straight from the estates

Whole Leaf

Unravel wholesome indulgence offering whole leaves only


Conscious of the nature around reaching you straight from the estates


Tea the way intended reaching you straight from the estates