Our Green Teas

Our green teas are made with all-natural ingredients and are all whole leaves. Explore our interesting flavours that are designed to complement the green teas effects and add more to the experience.

  • Ashwagandha Green Tea
    A herby cup made aromatic by cardamom. Sip this everyday to improve your focus and memory.
  • Chamomile Green Tea
    A soothing cup to relax your mind and body. Perfect before a good night’s sleep.
  • Dandelion Green Tea
    This unique mix of dandelion and green tea will definitely make you feel lighter. An everyday cup to keep you in shape.
  • Hibiscus Cinnamon Clove Green Tea
    A warm drink made spicy with cinnamon and cloves. A great blend to fortify your heart.
  • Jasmine Green Tea
    An uplifting green tea that is floral and fragrant. A reliever for those stressful times.
  • Mint Green Tea
    A cooling green tea with the freshness of mint. Readies you for yet another challenge.
  • Organic Green Tea
    A refreshing mix of green teas from the hills that is light, lively, and rich in antioxidants. For an active start to a day.
  • Rose Green Tea
    The sweet notes of rose balances the brisk green tea and makes this a perfect drink for healthy skin.
  • Turmeric Ginger Tulsi Green Tea
    A flavorful cup with the richness of turmeric, ginger, and basil. Strengthens you with every cup.
  • Green Tea Sampler Box
    An assortment of 10 healthy and exciting flavors of green tea that has something for everyone
  • Tea Chest (40 Tea Bags)
    An exclusive gift box with a minimalist design and sleek finish, this treasure holds 4 unique green tea blends.
  • Tea Loft
    If you’ve got a lofty idea to gift something really impressive, then you’ve got the right pick.
  • Tea Chest (60 Tea Bags)
    All-natural ingredients from the best sources meet some of the finest whole leaf green teas of the country, making this chest an extraordinary collection.
  • Detox Kahwa Green
    A unique blend of herbs and spices to release all toxins from your system. Effectively cleanses and detoxifies.