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Whole leaf green teas from the best tea gardens in various flavours.

Our Story

Green Tea & You

Tea is an important part of our lives. And appreciation for green tea has increased as a convenient health supplement. But there are too many options and you cannot know which one is better.

Our Story

Goodness of Fresh Whole Leaf Green Teas

Fresh whole leaf teas hold the best flavors, aroma, and richness. They carry more antioxidants and bio compounds that keep you active.

Our Story

Get active and healthy

With its proven health benefits, green tea has become a daily beverage of choice. Our artisan green teas have whole leaves and natural ingredients for a delicious and refreshing experience.

Why Only Leaf

Everybody deserves a great cup of tea. OnlyLeaf comes with the aim of bringing the best teas and sharing a cup way above competition in quality and taste.

From the source

Tea the way intended
Reaching you straight from the estates

Whole Leaf

Unravel wholesome indulgence
Offering whole leaves only


Tea the way intended
Reaching you straight from the estates


Conscious of the nature around
Each teapac is green & eco-friendly

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